To really drive home the benefits of ScotchBlueTM Painter’s Tape Aggressive collaborated with Grey Worldwide to craft a spot that’s as clean and delightful as the product itself. To allow our room’s features and trims to build over time, we created a modular set, which got updated with details, paint and furniture as we progressed. Filming with a perfectly repeatable motion-controlled camera allowed the elements to effortlessly appear into our shots, as if materializing out of thin air.
Client: 3M
Agency: Grey
Directed by: Aggressive
Production Co & VFX: Aggressive
Creative Directors: Alex Topaller, Dan Shapiro
Producers: Mike Masters, Kelvin Craver
DP: Bobby Shore
Editor: Jason Yantz
Production Designer : Michael G. Pierson
Concept Artist : Michal Sawtyruk
Production Manager: Dustin Pownall
Color Grade: Alex Bickel
Music & Sound Design: Wesley Slover
Mathieu Felix 
Javier Pinto
Federico Gonzalez
Xevi Polo
Mikel Calvo
Raquel Travé
Esteban Lahoz
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